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14 Must Haves for Your Next Flight

Carry On Essentials for your Next Flight

We know that flying is not enjoyable for everyone and that airports can be a pretty stressful and chaotic place. To help combat this, and make you as comfortable as possible when you travel, we've come up with our top 7 must haves for your next flight.

#1 Durable Carry On Bag

When choosing your carry-on bag it's important to find a material that is durable and cleans up easily - this will prevent stains and help maintain your bag for as long as possible. You will also want to keep size in mind; not only to make sure that it fits under the seat or in the over-head storage on the airlines you frequent most but also to make sure it will fit and organize all of your carry on items.

#2 Noise Cancelling Headphones

There is nothing worse than a long flight and not being able to escape the noises of others talking, crying, screaming, coughing or snoring. With noise cancelling headphones you can escape to your own world listening to music, watching a movie or enjoying an audible book.

#3 Kindle and/or Reading Material

Movies aren't for everyone, and in-flight movies do not always work, so it's great to have a back-up option with some good ol' fashioned reading material. 

#4 Lip Moisturizer

There is nothing worse than dry, cracked lips - so a good lip moisturizer is always a good thing to have.

#5 Neck Pillow

Getting a little shut eye on the plane isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be - but having a cozy (or better yet scented) neck pillow sure will help ensure you arrive feeling rested.

#6 Face Wipes

These are especially essential for early morning or evening flights and will help to keep your face fresh & glowing. 

#7 Hydrating Mist

There is nothing worse than looking and feeling tired after a flight. Hydrating mist will not only energize your skin, but also your spirits, making you feel ready for the day!

#8 Scarf or Wrap

These are the perfect spacing saving pieces and can double as a scarf, neck pillow or blanket. 

#9 Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, especially on flights, and having hand sanitizer with you will help keep you healthy while traveling.

#10 On the Go Toothbrush

These are excellent and don't even need water! Simply put the brush in your mouth and brush your teeth as usual and then throw away the brush when you are finished. 

#11 Reusable Water Bottle

Most airports are equipped with not only water fountains, but water bottle filling stations, which will not only save you time but money...and keep you hydrated while flying.

#12 Chargers for Electronics

As dependent as we all are on our smartphones and electronics the last thing you want is to arrive with a low, or dead, cell phone battery. 

#13 Snacks

Being hungry while you are traveling is one of the worst feelings, and with airline food being hit or miss, it's always a good idea to travel with your favorite snacks.

#14 Eye Drops

The air on flights is circulated which means that your eyes can become red and/or irritated - help combat with with eye drops to keep your eyes feeling fresh!


Even for a short flight it's important that you feel comfortable not only during the flight - but once you arrive - and with this list you are sure to arrive feeling energized and refreshed!


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Margaret Ybarra
Margaret Ybarra

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