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Top 6 Romantic Travel Destinations


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to think about a last minute romantic getaway for you and your love. Here are our top 10 destinations to visit for a romantic getaway for two.


#1 Tahiti

The largest of the 118 islands that comprise French Polynesia, Tahiti is known as “The Island of Love,” but it isn’t just love that fills this island. This 400 square mile island offers fabulous beaches and beautiful resorts, wonderful activities such as hiking through the deep green valleys covered with rainforests, sailing the waters, afternoon adventures to hidden waterfalls that cascade into cool refreshing rivers and exploring the wispy cloud covered mountains.

Without a doubt, there is plenty to see and do in Tahiti – and just about everything is secluded and breathtaking…perfect for a romantic escape for two.

Tahiti overwater bungalows


#2 Fiji

Fiji has been called the world’s friendliest paradise. Three hundred and thirty sunny, magical islands in the romantic South Seas.

The Fiji Islands are comprised of a thousand miles of sparkling white sand beaches, fabulous coral gardens for snorkeling, dramatic walls for SCUBA diving the “soft coral capital of the world” with hews of purple, yellow, red and lavender.

Azure lagoons… an unspoiled, exotic environment of beauty and tranquillity… a blend of rich cultures… a place to unwind or to discover new experiences. Fiji beach resorts and Fiji romantic hotels are ready to accommodate your every wish.

fiji relaxing hammock

#3 Moorea

Located only 11 miles from Tahiti, the island of Moorea is truly a gem among the islands of French Polynesia. Polynesian legend states that Moorea was formed as the second dorsal fin of the fish that ultimately became Tahiti. Volcanic peaks rise impressively and are reflected in the tranquil waters of Moorea’s spectacular bays. Home to fabulous beaches, exquisite resorts, exciting scuba diving, mountain safaris, and invigorating waterspouts, Moorea offers it all.

Immerse yourself in the local culture. Visit the markets, enjoy romantic leisurely lunches for two, strike up conversations with the natives, eat dinner with the locals – become a temporary Polynesian!

moorea pool view

#4 Aitutaki

Looking to get off the beaten path?

Don’t just make Aitutaki a day trip – come and spend some time on what we consider to be one of the prettiest islands and lagoons in the world.

Aitutaki is approximately 136 miles north of Rarotonga and less than an hour’s flight away. It rains less here then Rarotonga and the climate is warmer. One of the largest atolls in the Cook Islands, Aitutaki measures approximately 18 kms wide by 19 kms long. The atoll is made up of rolling hills, flat coastal plains and a large clear turquoise lagoon enclosed with a surf-topped coral reef and tiny sandy cay islets (motus).

Visitors who stay on Aitutaki should set their watches to “island time”. In Aitutaki’s laid-back atmosphere you will find a variety of accommodation facilities, an assortment of different shops scattered throughout the villages and a number of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. As on Rarotonga, the popular mode of transport is the motor scooter. Aitutaki is a favorite destination for honeymoons.

Aitutaki pool view

#5 Bora Bora

Elegantly laid out in the Leeward Society Islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora, truly one of the jewels of the South Pacific, lies 150 miles northwest of Tahiti. Author James Michener referred to it as “the most beautiful island in the world.” The main island is in the center of a multi-colored lagoon, surrounded by off-shore islets inside a protective necklace of coral, and as you gaze into the lagoon and beyond, the various shades of blue and green will leave you with a memory you’ll never forget.

Travelers that visit Bora Bora for the first time are usually so enamored by the view from the plane alone, that they wished they could convince the pilot to circle around for another look. The world famous lagoon of Bora Bora has warm shallow water and views seen only in romantic dreams. This lagoon is what brings people to the island, ideal for couples, and almost guarantees return trips from visitors.

australian kangaroo


#6 Australia

If you and your love enjoy adventures then Australia is the destination for you! From the Great Barrier Reef and The Outback, to pristine beaches and bustling cities there is something for everyone in Australia.

Consistently ranking as the number one ‘dream’ tourist destination in polls conducted in the United States American travelers are intrigued by the untamed wilderness, the amazing and unique flora and fauna, and the friendly people of this wonderful world “down under”.

The Outback with Alice Springs and Ayers Rock; Great Barrier Reef; Sydney Opera House; Kangaroo Island where Kangaroos, Koala Bears, Emu’s can be seen close up; the Aboriginal culture, birds, crocodiles of the Kakadu National Park; there is so much to do and see in Australia. Many people think that Australia is too far, too expensive, and too expansive for a visit. This could not be farther from the truth! The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney takes the same amount of time as a flight from Los Angeles to Rome. There is no better excuse than romance…so start planning your trip today!



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