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February, 2017
By Margaret Ybarra

Top 6 Romantic Travel Destinations


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to think about a last minute romantic getaway for you and your love. Here are our top 10 destinations to visit for a romantic getaway for two.

December, 2016
By Margaret Ybarra

Top 5 Reasons Why Fiji Should be your Next Vacation Destination

Fiji Should be your Next Vacation Destination


Americans have an average of 14 vacation days per year, making it that much more important to plan your vacations and the destinations in which to spend them wisely.

You want to think about the goal of your vacation; do you want adventure, a romantic getaway, to enjoy new experiences or maybe to simply relax? Maybe you want all of these things? If so, then we have the destination for you!

November, 2016
By Margaret Ybarra

Real Wedding Story | A Fiji Destination Wedding at Matangi Private Island

Fiji Destination Wedding at Matangi Private Island
It is easy to get caught up in the day to day, hectic schedules and fast pace of life. Sometimes it takes a reminder, like a Fiji Destination Wedding, to realize how small this world actually is and to slow down for a moment and say WOW!  Recently we helped a beautiful couple plan their wedding in Fiji (yes...we not only offer full-service travel experiences but also destination wedding planning!) to celebrate their nuptials at Matangi Private Island, little did we know that our connection with them would grow even stronger.